Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu kyôshitsu) Season 1-2 Complete 720p WEBRIP All Episodes

Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu kyôshitsu) is an anime series adapted from Yūsei Matsui’s manga series of the same name, which is serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump magazine. its airing on Netflix. The series follows Kunugigaoka Junior High School’s Class 3-E as they attempt to assassinate their homeroom teacher, an octopus-like creature named Koro-sensei, before graduation, while also learning some valuable lessons from him.

A powerful creature claims that within a year, Earth will be destroyed by him, but he offers mankind a chance by becoming a homeroom teacher where he teaches his students about how to kill him. An assassination classroom begins.

IMDB Rating : 8.0

Download Assassination Classroom Season 1-2 Complete 720p WEBRIP All Episodes

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