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Gormiti is an Italian CGI animated series co-produced from Giochi Preziosi and Mondo TV, based on the Gormiti toy line series. It is unrelated with the first Gormiti TV series.

Three thousand years ago, the Island of Gorm faced its gravest hour – Magor, the Volcano tribe’s dreaded leader, was at the zenith of his power. His dark rage and volcanic powers threatened to consume the entire island along with every living Gormiti! Magor was repelled only through the selfless combat and incredible power of the Invincible Lords of Nature. Called from the four tribes – Earth, Air, Sea, and Forest – they were guided by their mysterious benefactor, the Old Sage.

IMDB Rating : 9.0

Download Gormiti Season 1 480p HDTV All Episodes

  1. Gormiti S01E01 – S01E16 – Download
  2. Gormiti S01E17 – S01E24 – Download
  3. Gormiti S01E25 (Unknown, 2019)